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What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home?

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your HomeWhen you want to ensure a healthy environment for your family and yourself, there is no alternative to vacuuming.

A vacuum cleaner is going to make this challenging work easier for you, but choosing a vacuum cleaner may put you in a confusing situation as different brands come with various features in the market.

Here, I’m going to describe the importance of vacuuming, why you should have a vacuum cleaner and some reasonable recommendations.

Importance of Vacuuming:

The importance of vacuuming can be explained in three headings, which are given below: 

Healthy environment: 

If you want to protect yourself from disease, you have to clean your home by regularly vacuuming it. Millions of dead skin cells, your fallen hairs, allergens, bacteria, and dust will make your home unhealthy and increase the risk of skin disease.

In this case, Vacuuming is the best way to clean your house. Besides, it becomes a great physical activity when you are vacuuming with the machine. 

Social Status:

We are living in a society so guests, friends often come to visit our homes. Therefore, you have to keep your house neat and clean to keep up your social status. The dead skins, dirt, bacteria, and dander not only harm your health but also affect the smell of your home. No one likes the stench, right? 

Financial side:

You have already made many investments in your home and carpets, so vacuuming will help you maintain these investments accurately. Otherwise, dust and germs are going to damage them permanently and make it horrible to look at. 

Now, you know about the importance of vacuuming but you have to make sure that you are cleaning them regularly.  Now I’m going to recommend you Top 5 Vacuum Cleaner for your home which come with unique features and amazing performances:

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Shark Duo:

Shark due is a unique vacuum cleaner with amazing features and a large capacity. This tool comes with due-clean technology that profoundly cleans your home carpet and provides a polished look.

The weight of this tool is only 13 pounds, and the noise reduction feature will help you clean your home without disturbing your family members, especially babies.

Again, this machine has self-cleaning technology and anti-allergen complete seal technology, making your cleaning process easier and perfectly removing the dust and allergens. You will have five years of warranty with this vacuum cleaner.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro: 

If you have a pet, then Bissell Crosswave pet pro is the best vacuum cleaner for you. The weight of this machine is only 11 pounds. It has two-tank technology that keeps clean and dirty water separate so that you can clean your floors with a fresh mix of water and formula.

You can effectively use this machine on tiles, sealed wood floors, rubber floor mats, and more. This machine is the best companion when cleaning wet and dry messes like food spills, pet hairs. This machine comes with a 3-year warranty, and if you choose this Company’s machine, the company shall donate 10 dollars to Bissell Pet foundation. 

Dyson V11:

Dyson V11 is the most intelligent and powerful cordless vacuum cleaner of Dyson company. It has more capacity to vacuum than others. The weight of this tool is only 6.68 pounds, and the cordless feature increases the mobility of this machine.

Besides, this machine can clean any surface, whether it’s a carpet or hard floor. The run time V11 is 60 minutes, and the high torque cleaner head can clean 99.99% of particles. You will find a two years warranty with this tool. 

Shark NV 501:

Shark NV 501 is a professional type vacuum cleaner. The weight of this machine is 15.5 pounds and it has a 30 ft long cord. Hence, you can easily clean about 35fts. Besides, this tool can capture 99.9 % of allergens and dust plus a completely sealed structure prevents dust from floating in the air.

It has powerful LED headlights which help you to reveal hidden debris. Furthermore, it has a 1.3 quarts dust container, therefore you can clean your house without having the tension of cleaning the container again and again. A 5-year warranty policy is available with this machine. 

iRobot Roomba 677:

Irobot Roomba 677 is an automatic vacuum cleaner with ultra-modern features. This machine can automatically detect dust as it has a dust detection sensor. Besides, the  HEPA filter will capture dust, dirt, particles, and allergy-causing bacterias.

It has 600 PA  suction power and it can learn your cleaning habits plus creates a customized cleaning schedule. You don’t need to worry about charging this machine as it can recharge automatically.

Furthermore, this device can be controlled with a smartphone and it has an Alexa command feature, hence you can command the machine to clean any particular area. The weight of this device is 6.77 pounds, plus you will get a one-year limited warranty with this automatic vacuum cleaner


The above-mentioned vacuum cleaners are very popular in the market and they will fit your budget. As earlier I mentioned the importance of Vacuuming, so if you have a vacuum cleaner machine, start using it and if you don’t then get one as soon as possible.

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