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Grill Machine for Restaurant

Grill Machine for Restaurant

Grill Machine for RestaurantWe have compared different types of grill machines and found some fantastic ones. Do you want to see these commercial grill machines? Let’s Go: 

What to consider before buying a grilling machine?

Buying a grilling machine isn’t easy. It would be best if you focused on the usefulness and durability of the device. You can look for cast aluminum, enamel-bonded steel, or stainless steel for the body, as these metals won’t rust.

As you are looking for your restaurant,  you must focus on the burner and total cooking space. Moreover, you should consider the warranty policy that comes with the product.

Genesis II E-435 (Liquid Propane): 

Genesis II E-435 is one of the most advanced grill machines for restaurants. This machine’s primary cooking area is 844 square inches so that you can prepare Grill burgers, sauté veggies, and sear steaks.

In addition, it has four burners that can produce 69000 BTU per hour, plus the Tuck-away warming rack gives extra 198 square inches for grilling and keeping foods warm. Furthermore, you can keep your platters and seasonings near your hand as this machine comes with integrated tool hooks.

Moreover, you can see the real-time temperature of the grill machine in your smartphone by using The iGrill 3 application. Again the Dimension of this machine is 47 inches H x 65 inches W x 29 inches D ( when Lid Closed) and 62 inches H x 65 inches W x 31 inches D ( when Lid open), plus it weighs only 176 pounds. Lastly, you will get 10 years warranty with this Grilling machine. 

Weber Spirit SX-315 SS LP Gas Grill ( 46502401): 

Weber Spirit SX-315 is another professional type grilling machine with unique features. Besides, this machine comes with a total of 529 sq. inches cooking area, in which for primary cooking, you will get 424 sq. inches and 105 sq. inches for the warming rack area.

Furthermore, this grilling machine has 3 stainless steel burners that can produce 3200 BTU per hour inputs, delivering powerful heat and fast performance. The cast-iron cooking gates ensure the foods’ perfect taste, and you can clean porcelain-enamel coating easily. Moreover, this grilling machine is also formed with advanced and intelligent grilling technology.

So, you can connect this machine with Wi-Fi and get the updates of temperature low fuel indication on your smart device. The weight of this grilling machine is 116 pounds, and its size is 32.5 x 25.8 x 25.98 inches. Lastly, you will get a 10-year warranty facility with this grilling machine. 

Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Gril (46110001): 

Weber Spirit E-210 is another gas grilling machine. It is a portable grill machine with unique features. The dimension of this machine is 63″ H x 50″ W x 32″ D ( when Lid open), and it weighs 113.8 pounds. Therefore, you can place this grilling machine in a small space and conduct your business.

Besides, you can measure the temperature through the lid thermometer. Plus, the alloy steel material in this machine will give you heavy-duty, and you can place the necessary tools in the Six hooks. Moreover, this grilling machine needs low maintenance, and it is effortless to clean. Lastly, this machine has a 10-year warranty policy

Final words: 

We have described some best grilling machines. Therefore, you can choose anyone from the devices mentioned earlier. So, why are you waiting? Get the best Grill machine for your restaurant.

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