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Canon R5 vs Sony a7RIV – Check Which One is Best!

Canon R5 vs Sony a7RIV

Canon R5 vs Sony a7RIVCanon R5 and Sony a7Riv are two great mirrorless cameras that you could have. These flagship cameras have a compact body yet can deliver high-quality photos. 

Canon R5 vs Sony a7RIV

Well, let’s check out how these cameras can increase your productivity. We gonna talk about the Canon R5 DSLR first. 

Canon R5 – Good Choice for Beginners

Picture Quality 

Canon EOS R5 camera has a new CMOS image sensor, including a DIGIC X image processor system. The device has a 45-megapixel resolution that produces detail and sharp images. It has up to 12 fps mechanical shutter speed plus offers 20 fps silent shutter so that you never miss any high-speed action. 

Additionally, the device has Dual Pixel CMOS AF II. It delivers 100% area coverage with 1053 AF areas for high detail photos. 

Besides, the R5 combines with 100-51200 ISO Range that you can expand up to 102400. However, the ISO ensures you capture quality photos in the low light environment while the DIGIC X create rich, detailed photo.

Focus Points 

The EOS R5 takes the subject detection to another level because it has Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology. With its high-speed shooting capability at 20 fps, it allows you never to miss a beat. When capturing stills or recording video, you can comfortably track the face, head, and eye to set the people detection. And thus it gives you accurate photos. Moreover, the camera has animal detection that effectively tracks the whole body of birds or cats, dogs.

Image Stabilization 

Image stabilization is the game-changer for a camera. The R5 is integrated with a 5-axis Image Stabilization feature to ensure you get smooth photos. In addition, canon combined with up to 8 stops shakes correction, which gives you a steady result by reducing noise.

Battery LIfe

You can capture 320 shots per charge with the Canon R5. Also, it has a USB cable port. Therefore, it let you capture photos for an extended time if you need. Anyhow, the device comes with a rechargeable battery that takes approximately 2 hours. 

Screen Quality 

It has a 3-inches LCD touchscreen feature for ease to use. Moreover, the screen can be rotated to any angle you want. Thus, it gives you the flexibility when you need to capture some tricky shots. At the same time, you can also change the settings with your fingertips. 

Weather-Sealed Body

Canon R5 is a very durable camera since it has a rugged body. Furthermore, the R5 is built with a weather-sealed feature so that you can take it to any weather you want. So whether it’s the rainy season or snowing, the Canon R5 withstands any weather. 

Size & Weight 

In terms of holding, the Canon body is lighter and compact. It measures 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches, and it is 1.62 pounds. Compared to any device on the market, it is effortless to carry. 

Sony a7Riv – Perfect Device for Professional Photography

Picture Quality 

Sony a7R IV captures outstanding images as it has a 61 MP full-frame Exmore R CMOS Image Sensor. It maximizes the image resolution but won’t affect the image quality. Sony is built with a high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine, and it significantly reduces noise. However, the device has a 100-32000 ISO Range that can be upgraded to 50-102400. Hence, you can capture impressive images in the lower light environment. 


Sony has a fast, wide autofocus feature. It increases the coverage and density of the AF points and increases the algorithm for tracking moving subjects. Thus, Sony will provide you with steadfast, accurate tracking for complex subject motion or while speed changes. Moreover, the device is equipped with highly trackable phase detection when shooting in dim light. However, the AF is very responsive. 

Anyhow, the device can capture up to 68 images in a continuous shooting burst at 10 fps. Thus, this device is capable of capturing images three times faster than any conventional device on the market.

Image Stabilization 

This device is integrated with the Image Stabilization feature. It optimizes the device so that you get vibration-free smooth images. Sony reduces 5 types of shake. However, it will reduce the shake of the camera, as well as the lens. 

Battery LIfe

Sony promises the users to take up to 670 shots per charge. It also lets you capture images or record video for an extended time while charging if the device is running out of charge. It’s very convenient. 

Screen Quality 

This device uses a 3-inch touch screen tilting display that you can rotate to any angle you want. The tilting screen is very handy when it comes to capturing shots from a different angle. Additionally, it allows you to change the settings directly from the screen. 

Weather-Sealed Body 

Sony a7R IV is also built with a weather-sealed body that increases durability. As you can take the device anywhere, whether it’s raining or snowing or huge dust around. These won’t harm the Sony camera

Easy to Carry

It has a compact body plus comparatively lightweight. Sony dimensions are 5.13 x 3.88 x 3.13 inches, while it weighs only 14.9 ounces. So, if you need a device for outdoor shooting, this could be your best bet. 

Bottom Line 

Canon R5 and Sony a7R IV are two flagship mirrorless cameras on the market. These two combine fantastic features, but the Sony a7R IV has some superior features. Of course, you can choose either of them, but we recommend you consider the Sony a7R IV for you.

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