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Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsules

Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsules

Best Nespresso Vertuo CapsulesIf you are interested in knowing about Nespresso Vertuo capsules, you come in the perfect zone. From this article, you will know about some best Nespresso Vertuo capsules. So keep following this article.

Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsules

  • Nespresso Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano
  • Hawaii Kona
  • Arondio
  • Aflorazio 
  • Solelio
  • Half Caffeinato Coffee
  • Decaffeinato Intenso Espresso

Nespresso Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano

Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano is a combination of dark, bold, strong aroma and full of intense coffee flavor. You will get fruity notes alive into your cup each time you pour the coffee.

The automatic profile of this roasty and intense coffee gives the hint of acidity dancing through the blend. This coffee explains the Italian passion, at the same time, it makes sense why this pod is ingrained in daily life. 

Hawaii Kona

Hawaii Kona gives intense yet very smooth coffee with its burst flavor. 

Usually, this capsule gets split roast which makes them shorter, darker yet lighter pods. Compared with other islands’ coffee, it is smoother than traditional Arabic coffee grown at higher altitudes. This one delivers appetite flavor with a short sip.


If you have an intense craving to enjoy coffee for a long time, the best option is Gran Lungo. This one is Nespresso’s feedback on the request for a lungo option. This offers the perfect size for when you want to enjoy a longer time of coffee.

This comes with Arindo, which has an interesting fusion of flavor. It has enough ability to grab the attention of coffee lovers with a bold flavor and fruity vibe. It is a medium roasted blend with distinct cereal notes. Drinking it gives you full refreshment.


Aflorazio is an aromatic coffee, so when you are in the process of making this coffee, it purifies your home with its mild and floral fragrance. It is composed of unwashed Ethiopian Arabicas with a wild touch and East African Arabicas, making it more elegant and filtered flowery notes to the coffee. You will feel fresher and lighter with a sip of the coffee.


The Solelio is a very smooth and gentle coffee. It is the combination of Colombian Arabicas and Kenyan red fruits aromas that gives you a well-balanced morning. In addition to milk, the fruity notes shades deliver amazing creamy caramel satisfaction. It offers a quality drink to make it more refreshed.

Half Caffeinato Coffee

It is made of beans from different continents. Half Caffeinato is an espresso drink that works as a great energy booster. However, its beans are usually collected from Brazil and Ethiopia. You will get a creamy, smooth texture from this coffee, and it contains biscuit-y notes, at the same time, it hints of hazelnut & caramel.

If you love drinking a lightly roasted coffee in the morning or if you want to stay awake, then Half Caffeinato would be your best bet. 

Decaffeinato Intenso Espresso

This Decaffeinato Intenso Espresso gives your blood pressure rest because this drink is rich in flavor. That’s why this would be a better choice for your heart health compared to a regular espresso. This drink combines with an almost cocoa-like flavor yet sweet that you can enhance with frothy milk.

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