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Best Exercise Machine for Beginners

Best Exercise Machine for BeginnersAre you seeking the best exercise equipment? We’ve tied up a list of fitness machines for you so that you can pick the best one. 

Best Exercise Machine for Beginners

Don’t have time? No worries, check out the quick list here – 

  • Bowflex M7
  • Concept2 Model D
  • NordicTrack RW500
  • Marcy MWM-988

Bowflex M7

Bowflex M7 is an excellent exercise bike with excellent workouts, which is perfect for beginners. This machine combines with 11 workout programs, including 20 levels of computer-controlled resistance. Hence, you can select the exercise you want, at the same time, this lets you easily switch between different workouts. 

This exercise machine is compatible with the free Max Trainer app so that you can easily track your goals, check out your improvements, and much more. The app is available on both iOS & Android devices. 

However, the M7 has targeted programs that can adapt and learn each user’s fitness level over time. Also, this will set new targets for you, which is very convenient. 

It is integrated with high contrast, oversized, dual backlit LCD for easy operation. In addition, it is a Bluetooth-compatible device thus, you can connect the machine with your smartphone to play music. 

This rugged Bowflex M7 exercise machine is built with quality material so that you can use it for many years to come. Moreover, the M7 delivers a two-year warranty for any manufacturer’s damages.

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Concept2 Model D

Concept 2 Model D machine has a PM5 performance monitor so that you can track your progress in real-time with reliable data. In addition, the machine has different workout options, including time, intervals & distance. You can also save the workouts to the USB flash drive, but this doesn’t include the machine. 

However, the machine lets you control your workout intensity as well. You will get a response from its air-resistance flywheel. Also, you can control the airflow easily with the change of damper.

The best thing is the machine produces minimal noise, and you will get a smooth feel. However, this Bowflex exercise machine is effortless to assemble, plus move & store. It can be separated into two pieces for storage. Additionally, the machine has a wheel beneath for easy movement. 

This machine has a two-year warranty from the date you purchase it when it comes to the material. 

NordicTrack RW500

NordicTrack RW500 combines with a one-year free iFit membership. Thus, you can explore different types of workouts and trainers from all around the world from your home. iFit ensures you get studio workout experience to reach your fitness goal quicker. 

However, this machine is integrated with a tablet holder; you can keep your smartphone or tablet during the exercise session.

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